Confinement Centre Malaysia

Looking for Confinement Centre in Malaysia? At MyConfinementCentre, we can be the one to provide the help a mother needs to meet the demands of having a newborn.

Our goal is to send an experienced confinement lady with the heart and passion to care for babies and guide new moms to learn the most important tasks she needs to learn to nurture the baby properly.

Types Of Confinement Services Avaiable in Malaysia

MyConfinementCentre offers different services that aim to help mothers look after their baby right after giving birth. We are here to guide first time moms, or offer an extra hand to moms with twins. No matter what you need, we are sure to provide it. Our services include:

Prenatal Massage

We offer prenatal massage that offers numerous benefits for mothers. Our confinement masseuse is trained to perform this massage so you can be sure that it is safe.

It can relieve problems such as water retention, leg cramps, back pain and other common bodily discomfort during pregnancy. It can also be requested just to relax and be able to sleep better because some mothers have difficulty sleeping.

Confinement Food Delivery

New mothers need all the nutrition they can get for their body to recover faster and produce a sufficient supply of breast milk.

We offer confinement food delivery in Malaysia so that moms need not worry about preparing healthy dishes. We make use of natural ingredients in dishes and carefully plan a balanced meal.

Postnatal Massage

MyConfinementCentre also offers postnatal massage designed for new moms. This postnatal care is performed by a trained masseuse to help the mother reduce stress or relieve pain.

We use natural oils and creams for an enhanced experience. Our regular massage can also help moms get back in shape.

Daytime Confinement Care Services

We also offer daytime confinement care services if you do not need a confinement lady 24/7. This is like a part time nanny service during the day so you can have your privacy at night. Some mothers prefer the help of a confinement lady during the day only so they can somehow practice looking after their baby at night and they won’t have to depend on the nanny solely.

Others with small house and no extra room also find this arrangement ideal. Your daytime nanny can cook healthy food for you, or be the one to look after your baby so you can take this time to rest.

How To Book a Confinement Lady in Malaysia


You can contact us via WhatsApp or Email. Let us know your location and the services you are looking for. 

Set a Date

After you have provide the information to our team. We will provide you with the best price available.


Once you’ve book our services, you can now relax and we will do the job for you.

How Can Our Confinement Lady Help You?

Our services will help you go through the phase of motherhood easily. Whether you are a first time mom or not, we can provide the service that you need even during pregnancy.

The first few days or weeks of giving birth is physically and emotionally demanding. That is where we will come in. We can be the extra hand you need to perform the needed tasks.

We can also guide and train you so that you can prepare once confinement is finished. We also have babysitting services if you plan to get back to work and need someone to look after your child. Childcare is our expertise and we certainly do it with passion and care for both moms and newborns.

Why Hire Our Confinement Lady in Malaysia


We can guarantee that our confinement lady is physically fit for the job because babies are delicate and they should not be exposed to particles that are crucial for their health. Aside from being healthy, they are trained in safe practices such as proper hygiene in order to keep the baby and mother protected.

Personalization Services

Our confinement ladies have pleasing personalities that make them easy to deal with. We hire only those who know how to relate properly with their client and know how to respect their privacy.


We believe that experience is not enough. Confinement ladies should be trained in correct practices in childcare. We correct them if they believe and practice myths. Rest assured their knowledge is based on science and medical health. They are also trained to cook the right dishes for new moms.


Nothing beats experience when it comes to taking care of infants. That is why we only send confinement ladies who have sufficient experience. Holding, feeding and looking after an infant is easy for them. They have handled babies with different moods and conditions and know best how to approach them.

24/7 Availability

You can count on our confinement ladies to be prompt and professional. They are disciplined and committed in their work. They have the initiative to work that you don’t have to remind them every so often on what to do next.


We are constantly focusing on over-delivering for all our services. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. Not only that, our confinement services are among the most affordable in Malaysia.

What Our Customers Says About Our Services

It’s incredible. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding confinement services.


Absolutely wonderful! The confinement service is worth much more than I paid. I couldn’t have asked for more than this.


Frequently Asked Questions about Confinement Centre in Malaysia

How long will the confinement service be?

The standard confinement period is 28 days, but you can talk to us about your specific requirements so we can arrange an agreeable duration.

Can I choose the confinement lady?

We cannot accommodate that for now, because our confinement ladies have varying schedules. What we can assure you is that we only recommend nannies that we know are able to provide you with the service you need.

What if we do not get along with the Confinement Lady?

We allow replacement or refund depending on the situation.

Do we need to secure a working permit for the confinement lady?

No, we are responsible for securing the working permit for our confinement lady.

Can I choose an English-speaking nanny for I do not understand Mandarin?

Most of our nannies understand basic English so you do not have to worry.

Does the nanny provide massage for the baby and mother?

Most of our nannies are also trained to perform massage for both baby and mother, but you can speak with us if you specifically prefer to have this service.