About Us

Childbirth could be such a challenging phase of motherhood. It is not just physically painful, but also emotionally and psychologically overwhelming. Mothers adapt to these changes differently, but they certainly need all the help they can get to enjoy what is supposed to be a momentous chapter of their life. First time moms might need a little more help. The good news is that there are helpful services such as confinement care they can get to make things easier after childbirth.

MyConfinementCentre is a confinement services company based in Malaysia. We mainly offer the expertise of a confinement lady who will provide the needed care and support for moms and babies right after giving birth. Other services we offer are prenatal massage, confinement food delivery, postnatal massage and daytime confinement care.

Our Confinement Lady

We have a team of Confinement ladies are trained and experienced to provide the care and support that both the mother and child need. This is what makes our confinement centre in Malaysia great. They can stay with them right after childbirth so that the mother can get the extra help she needs to take care of her infant for she also needs to recover after delivery.

Taking care of a newborn requires skills, for babies have different demands. The caregiver should know how to hold, burp or bathe a baby properly. She also needs to know how to soothe an irritable baby.

Our confinement ladies are trained to handle and care for babies. Apart from training, their experience in taking care of infants make them equipped for the job. As soon as you are discharged from the hospital, your confinement lady can already stay with you to help.

She can help prepare your food to ensure that you get the nutrients you need for your body to recover. She can also wash you and your child’s clothes and assist with the bathing. Other services she will do will depend on your needs; you can communicate about it when you decide to hire one of our confinement ladies.

Vision & Mission of MyConfinement Centre

MyConfinementCentre aims to provide the help and support that mothers need in order to make childbirth easier and more enjoyable. We do this by making sure to send only qualified and dedicated confinement ladies. We will see to it that your confinement nanny arrives promptly and that they meet your expectations. You can make us your partner if you want your confinement to be smooth and hassle-free.

Our nannies are trained not just with the primary skills in handling babies and providing their needs. Apart from that, they are responsible when it comes to proper hygiene and keeping your privacy.

MyConfinementCentre believes that childbirth is a special phase of motherhood. The needs of both the mother and child should be met in the best possible way, and that is where we will step in. We provide services of a professional confinement lady who possesses the right skill but more than that, our confinement nannies have the heart to care for a newborn and mom sincerely. This is what drives them work beyond what is expected of them.