Confinement Centre Klang

MyConfinementCentre is your premiere confinement centre in Klang offering services that aim to make childbirth less stressful and more meaningful for new moms. Postpartum period begins after delivery and lasts until the body returns to its pre-pregnant condition, normally about 4 to 8 weeks. This is why our focus is on confinement or postpartum period, a crucial phase for mothers who face overwhelming changes in their body and in their life in general as a newborn depends on them. 

Types of Confinement Services in Klang

MyConfinementCentre is a reliable confinement centre in Puchong offering services that aim to help new moms after giving birth. Here are our main services:

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy or prenatal massage is a special massage that aims to address the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. Since this is directed for pregnant women, therapists practice caution so as not to harm the baby or the mother.

Our therapists are trained to conduct prenatal massage; they are skilled with the needed techniques to be able to carry out massages and provide the needed relief. Massage during pregnancy is shown to provide numerous benefits, according to studies. These include stress and pain relief, improved circulation, decreased swelling and hormone regulation.

Confinement Food Delivery

Proper nutrition is essential for the recovery of new moms. They also need the right food to fuel their body and be able to do all their tasks after delivery. However, food preparation can be time consuming.

Thus, we offer delivery of confinement food that are delicious yet nutritious to lessen the burden of mothers. We have lunch and dinner packages that include healthy drinks. We carefully plan meals and select fresh, natural ingredients so moms can get the nutrition they need.

Postnatal Massage

MyConfinementCentre also offers postnatal massage whenever they are ready and comfortable. For moms who underwent caesarean delivery, we recommend massage after 3 weeks or more.

Our therapists know the techniques that will help new mothers recover faster and ease out tensed muscles and aching body parts. Our therapy helps reduce headaches and strained muscles. It can even stimulate production of lactation hormones. Its relaxation effect is enough to keep moms revitalized and ready to face a new, busy day.

Confinement Lady

As a confinement centre in Klang and surrounding areas, we can provide a live-in confinement lady to help new mothers get through the confinement period smoothly until he body has recovered and she is ready to do things on her own. We can recommend a confinement lady to be with her 24/7 and assist her in caring for the baby.

Our nannies can also cook confinement dishes, do the laundry for mom and baby, and do basic home care. If you prefer stay out or part time confinement lady Klang, we offer daytime service.

Why you Need to Hire a Confinement Lady in Klang?

Confinement period is crucial to the recovery of moms who have just given birth. Some mothers experience postpartum blues that can even lead to depression because they were not able to adapt to such a challenging, sometimes overwhelming phase.

Our confinement service can help address this issue and provide the help they need for things to be less of a burden especially at a time when they are still adjusting to different changes.

How Our Confinement Services Can Help You?

Our confinement services can help you in many ways. We will recommend a qualified confinement lady to help with the various chores such as feeding for non-breastfeeding moms, cooking healthy meals, preparing herbal bath and drink, doing the laundry, bathing the baby and other home care activities.

Our massage services relieve bodily discomforts and relax mothers so they can get the rest they need to recover. Our meal delivery ensures that they get the nutrition they need.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Confinement Centre in Klang

What is the duration of confinement period after delivery?

Confinement period takes place at around 30 days, but you can discuss with us your needs so we can make necessary arrangements.

Can I choose an English-speaking nanny for I do not understand Mandarin?

Our confinement ladies speak basic English.

Will my confinement lady provide baby and postpartum massage?

Most of them know basic massage techniques but let us know if you want one that is particularly skilled in massage.