Confinement Centre Kota Kemuning

During childbirth, a new mom needs to recover physically and cope with so many changes including hormonal, which affects her moods. She needs all the support she can get for these changes can affect the entire family. MyConfinementCentre helps every new mom get past this phase with ease. We offer confinement services that allow you to cherish this moment of motherhood because you have someone to share responsibilities with, one who can even guide you and prepare you once you are on your own.

Types of Confinement Services Available in Kota Kemuning

Find the service of MyConfinementCentre that is right for you.

Prenatal Massage

Our prenatal massage service is a home service prenatal care that reduces stress among pregnant women, promoting overall wellness. It is similar to a regular massage but customized to for the delicate, special needs of expectant mothers. Benefits include relaxation, improved blood and lymph circulation, anxiety relief and better sleep. We have highly skilled massage therapists to conduct the massage.

Confinement Food Delivery

We offer delivery of delicious, nutritious confinement foods that fuel a new mom’s body. Our meals are planned carefully to contain the needed vitamins, nutrients and minerals vital to recovery. Our meals already include healthy, natural drinks. You can order lunch or dinner, or both so you won’t have to worry about preparing your food after giving birth.

Postnatal Massage

Our postnatal massage is part of postnatal care to help mom’s feel better and regain their pre-pregnancy body fast. It is also performed by our certified therapist to help soothe aches, boost lactation and provide relief in general. It is also said to help improve mood and fight stress.

Confinement Lady

Our confinement lady is trained and experienced to provide the needed help and guidance by new moms. She can assist you in feeding, bathing or caring for your baby. She can also help you bathe, cook food or wash you and baby’s clothes. Upon your arrangement, she can do basic house chores and errands. Our confinement nanny is reliable and trustworthy. You can choose from part time or full time (live in) service.

Why you Need to Hire a Confinement Lady in Kota Kemuning?

Our confinement centre in Kota Kemuning offers numerous benefits for you and your baby. Since pregnancy and childbirth leads to many changes in your body, we can help you adapt to these changes and focus on giving what is best for your baby. If your overall health is in prime condition, you can better take care of your family because the entire family also adjusts to the demands of having a newborn. Our confinement lady can even guide you to nurture your child the right way, which is essential if you are a first time mom. Her experience will make you learn the essential things you need to know, because caring for your child does not end with confinement.

How Our Confinement Services Can Help You?

The postpartum period, which is about 40 weeks from date of delivery, is crucial for mothers. Her focus should not just be on her baby, but also for herself. We are here to make confinement easier. If you feel good, you can be more capable of looking after your family. We offer a holistic approach. Our confinement food delivery nourishes your body, while our massage therapies soothe and relax you. Having someone to share the many tasks that come with childbirth is crucial in overcoming stress and postpartum blues.

Frequently Asked Questions about Confinement Lady in Kota Kemuning

What is the duration of confinement period after delivery?

It depends on your choice of duration. If you think you need confinement service for only a few weeks, you are free to do so. If you want an extended service, we can also talk it out.

Can I choose a confinement lady?

We are sorry because for now, we cannot accommodate this request because we have to consider the availability of our confinement ladies. However, you can rest assured that we will only recommend a reliable nanny for your needs.

What if we do not get along with the confinement lady?

If this happens, we will make sure to come up with an agreeable resolution for you.

Can I choose an English-speaking nanny for I do not understand Mandarin?

We are proud of our nannies because they can speak and understand basic English.

Will my confinement lady provide baby and postpartum massage?

Many of our nannies are skilled in performing massages also because of their experience.