Confinement Centre in Penang

Are you looking for Confinement Centre in Penang? We have a huge network of confinement lady throughout Penang who are ready to help you. Our goal is to strive to provide mummies with the best confinement care in Penang at an affordable price. Click on the button below to enquire now!

Types of Confinement Services in Penang

MyConfinementCentre is a reliable confinement centre in Penang offering top-tier services that helps mummies after giving birth. Here are our main services:

Prenatal Massage

Proper prenatal massage is beneficial for moms with no serious medical conditions. It is advisable to start massage only after the first trimester for it may trigger morning sickness. It is best to get your doctor’s approval to be safe and a trained massage therapist to do it. At MyConfinemenCentre, we offer safe and affordable prenatal massage that can relax you and ease your body aches and pains. You can choose to have it for a series of sessions to maximize the benefits.

Confinement Food Delivery

Proper nourishment is essential for every new mom for them to recover easily and provide the baby the best nutrients when breastfeeding.

We know that caring for your child is a major task on its own, so we can offer our service for you to be able to focus on childcare while we take care of preparing and cooking confinement meals for you. We have a carefully planned menu made of fresh ingredients.

Postnatal Massage

We also offer postnatal massage that will help you recover smoothly after delivery. Trained therapists will perform the massage for your safety.

Our massage will not only relax you, it can also relieve common aches on the back and hips.

Confinement Lady

The care and support of our confinement lady will make childbirth less stressful for you. You have someone who is experienced to provide you the assistance you need so you can recover fast. She can teach you the important skills you need to get you ready once confinement is over. You can choose a live out or day confinement service if you do not have enough sleeping space for another person in the house, or a stay-in confinement nanny. Whichever you choose, we will only send trained, experienced and dedicated confinement ladies for you.

Why Do You Need To Book a Confinement Centre in Penang?

Newly birthed moms who do not have someone to help them look after their newborn commonly get our service. Perhaps they do not live with their mothers or mothers in law and their husband has to work.

Hiring a confinement lady in Penang is not just about having someone to assist you in looking after your baby. The things she can share with you being an experienced confinement lady are valuable. You can apply them the next time you give birth or after the confinement period when you are left caring for your child by yourself.

The fact that you have someone else with you during this highly physically demanding and emotional phase of motherhood is very helpful for your adjustment.

How Our Confinement Services Can Help You?

Our confinement service can help your body recover fast since you are not forced to work and do all the chores following the birth of your child.

You can learn the things you need to know if you are a first time mom such as bathing your baby, burping her, the proper breastfeeding techniques and many others. This also eases the emotional burden knowing that you have an experienced companion to help you. Overall, it helps you go through childbirth in the smoothest manner.