Confinement Centre Petaling Jaya

If you are looking for a confinement centre in Petaling Jaya, MyConfinementCentre provides the service that is right for you. We take pride on our passion and commitment to care for moms and their newborn cope with the different changes in their life. Our experience and training enable us to help mom fully recover in a holistic approach, so that their body will regain strength and they can cherish motherhood even more. Keep reading to know more about our services.

Types of Confinement Services Available in Petaling Jaya

We are happy to offer the following confinement services in Petaling Jaya.

Prenatal Massage

Massage is proven to offer numerous benefits for people, including pregnant women. Our trained therapists that offers prenatal massage are knowledgeable in applying techniques meant to soothe moms on their second trimester of pregnancy. Among the positive effects are reduced stress and anxiety, relief from leg and back pain and better sleep. Our therapists apply the right light and slow strokes and light pressure.

Confinement Food Delivery

Our confinement meals are carefully planned to meet the nutritional needs of new moms. Through our service, you can have delicious yet nutritious foods at your convenience since we are the one who will take care of it, from planning to cooking and delivery. We are happy to provide moms quality meals made from fresh ingredients. We offer lunch and dinner, including drinks. Our meals can provide the energy they need and help them produce milk.

Postnatal Massage

Our postnatal massage is meant to help new mothers regain their strength and help them relax. Being a new mom is physically and emotionally demanding, and our massage can address these needs. It can improve their mood and reduce their stress apart from relieving their aches and pains. Another important benefit is that massage can stimulate release of lactating hormones. For best results, we offer postpartum massage in succession, or in consecutive number of days.

Confinement Lady

MyConfinementCentre offers the most reliable confinement lady in Petaling Jaya. We only hire nannies who are experienced and continue to train them with proven safe and healthy practices of childcare. They are easy to get along with, they follow proper hygiene and they respect your privacy. Choose between fulltime or part time nannies.

Why you Need to Hire a Confinement Lady in Petaling Jaya?

As a new mother, you need to prepare and plan carefully about how you are going to care for your newborn considering your body still needs to recover. Whether you had vaginal or caesarean delivery, you need ample time to rest and recuperate. That is where we at MyConfinementCentre will come in. We can be your support system if ever no one is around to help you. You need to understand that you need all the help you can get and not force yourself to do things on your own. Changes in your body can be overwhelming, and coping is crucial in this stage. Some moms experience postpartum depression because they are not able to cope with baby blues. Through our service, things can be easier and your tasks lighter.

How Our Confinement Services Can Help You?

Our confinement services are specifically directed towards providing the support that new moms need after giving birth. Some mothers are grateful for this type of service because they do not have to be desperate in case help is not around. They can simply book our service while we recommend a reliable nanny to assist them. We also take pride in our holistic approach that addresses the physiological and emotional needs of mothers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Confinement Lady in Petaling Jaya

What is the duration of confinement period after delivery?

Standard period for confinement is 28 days. Some moms prefer shorter and longer, so duration depends on your preference.

Can I choose a confinement lady?

For now, we cannot accommodate this request because of the availability of your chosen confinement lady.

What if we do not get along with the confinement lady?

We take pride of our nannies because of their pleasing personality that makes them get along easily with clients. If this happens, we will make sure to come up with the right resolution.

Can I choose an English-speaking nanny for I do not understand Mandarin?

Our confinement ladies know basic English so you don’t have to worry.

Will my confinement lady provide baby and postpartum massage?

Many of them know how to perform massage, but it is best to tell us ahead if you prefer to have this service.