Confinement Centre Puchong

Are you looking for Confinement Centre in Puchong? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.

Pregnancy is such a remarkable experience for women to grow another human inside her belly, but it can be overwhelming, too.

Confinement period, or the weeks after giving birth, is a crucial stage when moms need to cope in her new role. Her body needs to recover besides getting past baby blues or hormonal shifts successfully.

MyConfinementCentre helps you go through the confinement phase with ease, as we try to provide the extra hand you need and share the tasks with you so you can have ample time to rest and adjust.

Types of Confinement Services Available in Puchong

MyConfinementCentre is a reliable confinement centre in Puchong offering services that aim to help new moms after giving birth. Here are our main services:

Prenatal Massage

We have trained, certified therapists skilled to conduct pregnancy massages primarily to soothe and relax expectant moms. Pregnant women can experience body aches and discomforts, and our massage techniques can ease these out. Our massage is recommended from the fourth to eighth month. It can reduce swelling, improve your mood relieve headaches or even stimulate lactation.

Confinement Food Delivery

If you don’t want to be burdened by preparing and cooking confinement food, we can be the one to do it for you. We offer delivery of delicious and nutritious lunch and dinner, including drinks.

You can be sure that your meal contains the needed portion of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates for the day. This helps you recover fast and fuel your body for you to sustain the energy you need for caring for your child.

Postnatal Massage

Our postnatal massage is recommended after 2 to 3 weeks from childbirth, depending on your type of delivery and maternal condition. Aside from relaxation, it aims to help the body get back to pre-pregnancy state.

It can also help you lactate for it works on boosting the production of lactation hormones. Our trained therapist knows how to position your body and provide the right amount of pressure considering your delivery type.

Confinement Lady

We can recommend a qualified confinement lady to be your partner right after delivery. Our confinement ladies are experienced and trained to provide high quality service to our client mothers.

They know proper hygiene and safe practices; they are personable and used to dealing with people. Your confinement lady can help you with all the responsibilities of childcare. She can even cook your confinement food.

Why Do You Need To Book a Confinement Centre in Puchong?

Our confinement centre in Puchong provides well-trained and experienced confinement ladies for them to support new moms and help them meet the overwhelming demands of childbirth.

She will take care of you and your baby and assist you in your daily routine of feeding, bathing, or washing your clothes.

She can do basic chores or grocery shopping upon your agreement. She can also guide you and give you tips so you know what to do if it’s time for you to do things on your own.

How Our Confinement Services in Puchong Can Help You?

Our confinement services in Puchong mainly help you cope during confinement period.

Since you have an extra hand to assist you in caring for your child, you can have ample time to rest since you also have to recover.

This is crucial because not all new mothers are able to adapt to the new role of being a mother, and having an extra hand helps make this phase more enjoyable.

Consider this your training period before doing things independently after the confinement service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Confinement Lady in Puchong

What is the duration of confinement period after delivery?

It depends on the duration of confinement service you choose, but the standard is 28 to 30 days or a month for you to adjust well and recover.

What if we do not get along with the confinement lady?

This rarely happens for our nannies are easy to deal with, but if this happens, we can discuss it over with both parties to come up with the most agreeable resolution.

Can I choose an English-speaking nanny for I do not understand Mandarin?

No worries. Our nannies know basic English.

Will my confinement lady provide baby and postpartum massage?

You can tell us ahead of time if you prefer to have a nanny who knows how to massage moms and babies.