Postnatal Massage Puchong [ Aug 2022 ]

Giving birth is such a joyful moment especially for first time mothers. However, with that sense of fulfilment comes serious adjustments. Your body needs to recover, yet you also need to provide the case and attention to your newborn. Self-care is very important so you should give importance to it. If you are not well, you cannot give enough for your little one who depends on you.

Fortunately, there are confinement services in Puchong you can take advantage of such as massage therapy. MyConfinementCentre offers postnatal massage in Puchong, which is a great way to start your self-care.

Why You Should Book a Postnatal Massage in Puchong

 It can reduce swelling

Edema or swelling is common among pregnant women and remains even after delivery. It starts when the belly starts to grow and the body starts to have an increase in fluids for nourishment. However, these fluids accumulate in the tissues.

Lymph fluids are waste products that naturally move throughout the body. It leads to edema when elimination of these fluids slows down.

Massage addresses this problem by shifting movement of lymph from extremities back to the lymph vessels and veins so that they are disposed off naturally.

 It can reduce stress

The demands of raising a newborn is overwhelming, that is why postnatal blues that can lead to depression happens.

It is very significant for a mother to care for herself to reduce stress, enjoy sleep and have a better experience raising a child.

When a mom is not stressed, studies say that it also helps produce healthy breast milk and a better nursing practice.

Massages have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression by reducing release of stress related hormones.

It can help speed up recovery

After delivery, you will experience soreness throughout your body. 

When you are getting a postnatal massage in Puchong that is gentle, and soothing, it can help to rub various aches away and improve blood circulation.

Not only that, it is actually safe even for those who had Caesarean delivery for as long as you are comfortable with it.

What to Expect From Our Postnatal Massage in Puchong

Performed by qualified masseuse: We understand your worry about massage, and we can ease that up by sending only trained masseuse who are qualified to perform massage. Our therapist can adjust their routines and techniques to meet your needs.

Proven safe massage techniques: Our postnatal massage therapy starts as soon as you feel comfortable. Our therapist will position you comfortably depending on whether your breasts or abdomen are sore. We will make sure to position you for the massage to be effective in treating specific issues of your body. If you had Caesarean delivery, we can also adjust the techniques to make it safe and suitable for you.

Affordable, flexible packages: We offer reasonable rates to make our service more affordable. You can also try it once if you have not yet decided before booking a series of sessions.

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