Prenatal Massage Puchong [ Aug 2022 ]

Looking for prenatal massage in Puchong? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Professional massage has a way of making both mind and body feel better afterward.

Pregnancy brings a handful of bodily discomforts and anxiety, and a soothing massage for expectant mothers offer relief to rub those pains away. Generally, pregnancy massage is safe during the second trimester, as long as you have the go signal from your doctor.

The better news is, we at MyConfinementCentre will let you have that soothing massage in the comfort of your home as we offer prenatal massage in Puchong. You also check out our other services in our confinement centre in Puchong.

Why You Should Book a Prenatal Massage in Puchong

It helps reduce swelling

Edema is common among pregnant women. This is swelling due to excess fluid trapped in the tissues of the body, typically affecting the hands, feet, legs, ankles, and arms. Massage can stimulate soft tissues and reduce the build-up of fluids in joints.

Getting a Prenatal Massage also helps remove tissue waste through the lymph system.

It regulates hormones

Studies have shown that massage therapy for pregnant women significantly alters hormone levels for stress and relaxation. This is very helpful for mothers who experience anxiety associated with pregnancy.

Stress hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine decrease while depression hormones serotonin and dopamine increase. The latter should be at low levels to fight depression.

It improves nerve pain

Nerve pain is also common for pregnant women as the uterus spreads tension to the muscles, leading to swelling and pressure on nerves.

When you get a prenatal massage , it can help to work on these nerves and release tension.

 It’s part of your prenatal self-care

Pregnant women need all the care they need to adapt to the overwhelming changes brought about by carrying a baby.

A special massage does not just relieve them of body aches but also improve their mood and relax them, which is vital to every woman preparing for the challenges of childbirth.

What to Expect From Our Prenatal Massage Services in Puchong

Safe massage techniques: Our massage is ideal for pregnant women who are in their fifth to the eighth month of pregnancy.

It is not your regular massage, as the masseuse needs to do the best practices for baby and mother. We make sure the masseuse we send is trained to do this therapy.

Before performing the massage, we will make sure you are safe to have it and you have no other medical conditions that make it unsafe for you.

Great way to prepare for delivery: Our therapy is a good way to help your body prepare for delivery by easing up labor pains.

It reduces anxiety and is an excellent way to relax and have a good sleep.

Affordable, best packages: Even if you do not plan to have a confinement nanny, you can take advantage of our prenatal massage to ease your pregnancy.

You can try it by booking for a solo session or a series of sessions for maximum benefits.

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