Confinement Centre Setia Alam

Postnatal care is crucial for the full recovery and adjustment of new moms. Your focus should not just be on your baby, you must also take special care of your health. This regains your strength, and you are able to provide the best care for your newborn. It might not be possible to just rest, but through our confinement centre in Setia Alam, you can have the extra help you need for you to take time to rest, both physically and emotionally. Postpartum or confinement period is about 4 to 6 weeks after birth. During this time, you need all the support you can get to beat fatigue and overcome baby blues and simply cherish this exciting new phase of motherhood.

Types of Confinement Services Available in Setia Alam

Our services at MyConfinementCentre help new moms in Setia Alam and nearby areas to rest well and get healthy while making sure their baby is being taken care of.

Prenatal Massage

Our prenatal massage comes in a consecutive number of days, acting like a therapy to relax your body and making pregnancy more comfortable. This relieves you of stress, common aches and swelling. We have qualified therapists to help you meet these objectives and prepare you to a more challenging phase of motherhood, which is after the delivery.

Confinement Food Delivery

Our confinement food delivery helps ensure that you get the proper nutrition throughout the confinement period whether or not you choose to have a confinement lady. We all know that meal preparation can be tiresome and time consuming, for it starts with meal planning if you really want to have high quality meals. Our service allows you to focus on caring for your baby while we handle your food. We serve lunch and dinner, including drinks.

Postnatal Massage

Our postnatal massage helps you get back to your pre-pregnancy state fast. Primarily, it relaxes you for childcare can be tiring. After a few sessions, it can prove beneficial for your health. Massage after childbirth is shown to relieve body pains, swelling, muscle tension, stress and even mood swings.

Confinement Lady

You can choose to have a full time or part time confinement lady, whichever suits your needs and situation. Either way, your nanny helps you with all the chores after delivery including cooking confinement dishes, bathing and other basic house chores. We guarantee sending only trained and experienced nannies who can also teach you what you have to learn if you are a first time mom.

Why you Need to Hire a Confinement Lady in Setia Alam

Hiring a confinement lady helps you adjust well to the challenging demands of childbirth. Having an extra hand to do numerous activities lessens the burden, making this phase of your life more meaningful because you will not be stressed. You can also have the luxury of taking some rest if you have to, which is crucial for your recovery.

How Our Confinement Services Can Help You?

MyConfinementCentre’s services all aim to provide help for new moms and meet their needs. If you do not have a spare room for a nanny to stay through the night and you want to keep your privacy, you can go for part time or also called daytime confinement service where you can have your nanny in your home only for limited hours. If you do not want to have a nanny at all, you can order confinement food delivery so cooking should no longer burden you. Regardless of your choice, our nannies can cook confinement foods, help bathe baby and you and wash you and baby’s laundry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Confinement Lady in Setia Alam

What is the duration of confinement period after delivery?

Standard confinement period is around 4 to 6 weeks, but we have flexible services depending on your need.

Can I choose a confinement lady?

For now, we are the ones who recommend the confinement lady for you to be sure of the schedule because your choice nanny might not be available on your preferred date.

What if we do not get along with the confinement lady?

We will assess what happened and arrive at an agreeable solution if ever this happens.

Can I choose an English-speaking nanny for I do not understand Mandarin?

Our nannies know and understand basic English.

Will my confinement lady provide baby and postpartum massage?

Many of our nannies are skilled in massage, but we request you to tell us ahead if you are particular with massage services to be provided by the confinement lady.