Having a baby for the first time can be such a joy, but it could also be filled with fear and anxiety, especially if you have to leave your little one to a nanny. If you are thinking of getting a nanny whether you are going back to work or not, some pointers may come in handy to help you make the right decision. After all, she will not just be a regular employee; she will be an integral part of your baby and family’s life.  

Where to Start To Hire a Confinement Nanny in Puchong

The first thing on your mind would be where to get a nanny for your baby. If you like to hire a confinement lady in Puchong, you can start from here. Your confinement lady might be open to continuing her service to be your nanny or perhaps you can get a recommendation from her. It is also best to ask for referrals from trusted friends and relatives. They might know someone who worked for them as a nanny in the past. That way, you will be able to hire someone whom you know somehow, and not a stranger. If you don’t get nanny referrals, you are free to hire from a nanny agency and do your own background checking. You may ask their former employers or the references listed them on their resume’.  Search for the nanny weeks before you intend to go back to work.

Screening and Contract

After getting a few select candidates, interview them to ask important questions about their skills and values. Note that the interview is not like a corporate job interview. Think of scenarios and ask what the nanny would do having to face them. This can help you get to know them more. Also, ask about their health condition. After taking care of the screening, it is best to layout your arrangement in a contract. This will ensure that you have discussed you and the nanny’s terms, responsibilities, rate, hours of work, holidays, overtime, and other concerns. It will state both parties’ needs so that you can review them yearly for any update.

Working Together With The Nanny

Your relationship with your nanny does not differ much from the relationship you have with your family, perhaps the only main difference is that you pay them for their services. This means it helps to treat them like family as well. Establish a give and take relationship. Keep an open line of communication, practice respect and understanding. After making the decision of hiring your nanny, be clear of your expectations, write the essential information she must know and make it easy for her to adapt to her responsibilities. If you will be away from home because of work, make sure she has everything she needs. Make a list of emergency numbers that are within easy access. Keep a first-aid kit handy.

Setting Realistic Responsibilities For The Nanny

You might think that your nanny can do many other things if your newborn is not that demanding yet. Speak about this clearly to her, though her main responsibility should be taking care of your baby. If you expect her to do other tasks then you should open it to her from the start so that there would be no misunderstanding if you did not meet your expectations. Like other jobs, your nanny must have a clear job description. If you decide to have them in your home as a live-in nanny, do not expect her to be on-call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Set hours of work for she needs to rest, too.

Learning Effective Communication With The Nanny

The most common misunderstanding between employers and nannies starts from miscommunication. A petty issue can sometimes blow out of proportion simply because the nanny did not understand her employer’s message or something was not clearly communicated. As the employer, get to know your nanny better for in most cases, you need to be the one to adjust on how you can clearly state your concerns for her to better understand. You can also be open to her from the beginning, reassuring her that you can be open with another if there is something that she wants to talk about.  


When you hire the right nanny, she can do amazing things for you, making it easier for you to adjust to motherhood. Like any other successful relationship, your relationship with your nanny works both ways. Be the right employer for her by making her feel that you value her.