Confinement Services in Malaysia We Offer

MyConfinementCentre provides confinement services Malaysia with the aim to make childbirth pleasant and stress-free for new moms. We recommend trained, experienced and reliable confinement ladies and offer services that meet your needs. We are happy to be your partner in making this phase of your motherhood more meaningful. The following are the services we provide.

Why Choose Us

Confinement Care is Our Specialization

Our confinement lady are experienced; they are specifically trained to help new moms fulfil various responsibilities.

We Train and Guide Moms for Proper Childcare

Confinement period is limited and moms must know how to care for their infant independently. Our nannies give tips and share their knowledge especially to first time moms so they know how to handle their baby on their own.

We Are Passionate in What We Do

Nothing beats being passionate in what we do. At MyConfinementCentre, we take pride in recommending confinement ladies who are fond of caring for newborns and new moms. Surely, they are experienced, but their innate fondness and nurturing nature makes them very effective to perform their job.

Services Available

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is similar to regular massage except that it is modified to ensure the safety and comfort of expectant moms. Our pregnancy massage is performed by trained masseuse to soothe aches and sores or simply to relax moms or reduce their discomfort. Sessions take around 90 minutes done at the comfort of your home. You can be sure that our masseuse is trained to do the massage. We only use organic, natural oils and creams.

Confinement Food Delivery

Proper nutrition is essential for new moms so they can meet the physical demands of caring for a child. They need the nutrients for their body to recover faster and for them to produce enough supply of breast milk. We offer confinement food delivery so you can have delicious, nutritious foods throughout your confinement. Our trained cook use only natural ingredients and plan a balanced, healthy diet.

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage is specially designed for new moms to benefit their body. This helps them improve blood circulation, soothe their tense muscles, lift their womb to be in shape, produce milk and help in their overall recovery. What you can be sure is that we offer safe, comforting massage. Feel free to contact us to know more about the packages and book the service.

Day Time Confinement Care Services

Some mothers prefer day confinement service ideal to their situation. Perhaps they do not have an extra room for a nanny or they prefer simply want to be on their own at night. Day confinement service is the same as confinement service except that the nanny does not stay for the night. If can be half or full day depending on your need.

How Can MyConfinementCentre’s Services Help You?

MyConfinementCentre can help you go through motherhood easily because you have a partner. Our confinement lady will help you with all the tasks you need to face upon the birth of your child, and even prepare you when you have to do it alone. Their ability to cook delicious and nutritious confinement dishes also helps a lot since you can easily recover and focus on taking care of your newborn.

Frequently Asked Questions about Confinement Services in Malaysia

How long does the confinement service take place?

Confinement period takes around a month, but you can discuss your needs with us, should you need our service longer.

Can I choose my preferred confinement lady?

We do not accommodate requests to select a confinement lady because of the differences in schedule. MyConfinementCentre takes pride in recommending only reliable nannies for you.

What if we do not get along with the confinement lady?

We make sure to send a nanny who is not only knowledgeable in childcare but also personable. They know how to deal with their clients. If something comes up and you really cannot get along, we can send a replacement or refund.

Do I need to get a work permit for the confinement lady?

You do not need to do that, for we will be the one to secure their working permit.

Can I choose an English-speaking confinement lady for I do not understand Mandarin?

Most of our nannies are able to speak and understand basic English, so that should not be a problem.

Does the confinement lady provide infant or postnatal massage?

Many of our nannies are also skilled in providing infant or postnatal massage, but please tell us ahead if you want a nanny who does both.