Confinement Food Delivery in Malaysia – KL,PJ,Klang Valley &Selangor

MyConfinementCentre offers confinement food delivery in Kuala Lumpur and other areas. These are carefully planned and prepared meals created to provide nutrition for lactating new moms. We are happy to say that our confinement dishes are not just nutritious, they are also delicious. You can avail them for lunch and dinner depending on the package you choose. To help you decide, we offer trial meals before you order them throughout confinement.

Confinement meals are essential for new moms to recover past delivery. If you intend to look after your baby on your own and without the help of a nanny, our meal delivery service is perfect for you.

Home Cooked Confinement Food

Nothing beats home cooked food that is carefully planned considering healthy, balanced meal consumption. Busy moms tend to just eat foods that are easy to prepare, compromising their and the family’s nutritional needs. As a reliable confinement food provider, we have spent time and effort in carefully planning meals for new mothers to be able to meet their health requirements.

Our confinement dishes are prepared cleanly and properly to maximize available nutrients. Every ingredient is picked and cooked carefully. Every new mom needs all the nutrients she can get, but food preparation can be overwhelming because you have to purchase and prepare ingredients before cooking. Leave this task to our experts and you have freshly cooked meals delivered each day at your doorstep. You can be sure that our dishes do not have harmful preservatives, only natural and fresh ingredients.

What Type of Confinement Food is Beneficial?

Food is significant for mankind, and new moms need the right food to fuel their body to recover and meet the physical demands of childcare. Mothers who had just given birth need about 1800 to 2200 calories a day, or even more if they are breastfeeding.

For every meal, half of it should contain fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals while the other half is for whole grains such as wheat bread or brown rice for a good supply of energy. The meal should also contain protein rich food, such as lean meat, egg, seafood or beans. Low fat milk is also a good choice for calcium.

Our confinement food delivery consists of the right amount of vegetables and fruits, healthy meat, good carbohydrates and a healthy drink. Ingredients that are helpful for speedy recovery are found on our dishes, some of which are old ginger, red dates, sesame oil and beans.

Why You Need Confinement Food Delivery

Confinement food delivery is highly beneficial for new moms for they can focus on caring for their newborn while making sure they enjoy delicious and nutritious food during their confinement. Food planning is important if you want to consume the right kind of food that will let you become active and able to perform your daily activities. For new moms, their body needs to recover and they need the strength to meet the demands of caring for a newborn.

Through our delivery service, they need not spend time and effort preparing and cooking nutritious foods for we can take care of that. That means they have more time to look after their baby. This is also why some mothers who do not have confinement nannies choose to just order confinement dishes. We are the ones who will plan their meals carefully, source fresh ingredients, cook it correctly and deliver them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Confinement Food Delivery in Malaysia

Do your confinement meals include drinks?

Yes. Apart from having the correct portions of the right food, our confinement deals also have drinks that are made from fresh, natural ingredients for both lunch and dinner.

How early should I book in advance?

We recommend booking as early as 3 days before your preferred date of delivery. Please place your order and payment by 12PM 2 days before delivery date.

Can I still cancel my confinement food delivery?

Yes, you can still cancel and we will only charge cancellation fee for the orders you consumed.

How soon should I notify in case I want to cancel delivery?

You may refer to our terms and conditions for more information, but we request that you inform us 3 days in advance, by 12PM.

What time is the delivery for lunch and dinner?

Delivery for lunch is from 10:00AM to 1:00PM while for dinner is from 4:00PM to 7:00PM.

Should I pay separate delivery fee?

The quoted price for your confinement food delivery already includes delivery fee.