Post Natal Massage KL, Malaysia

In MyConfinementCentre, we offer postnatal massage in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas. This type of massage helps new moms recover after giving birth. It can be a part of a holistic approach to postnatal care for moms to adjust easily to the physical and emotional demands of childbirth. Mothers need time to rest and fully recover after labor. Her hormones are changing and her uterus is still healing. If it is her first baby, she needs to be accustomed to motherhood, a new role that others find overwhelming.

Post Natal Massage Home Service With Great Benefits

Our postnatal massage is performed in the comfort of your home for the ultimate relaxation. You can choose from our different packages for the number of sessions, but we usually offer this in succession, meaning consecutive days. We normally determine your childbirth history for us to know if you have a medical condition or if postnatal massage would be safe for you. This also tells us your needs for us to be able to address those during the massage. Our massage is performed by trained therapists who know the safe and proper way to handle new moms. We use only natural oils and creams.

Why Choose Us For Postnatal Massage?

Trained Therapists: As mentioned, our postnatal massage is administered by qualified therapists who underwent training in order to safely carry out massage for moms who had just given birth. They know the techniques for their massage to be effective and beneficial.

Affordable Packages: As much as possible, we keep the prices of our postnatal massage packages within reach. This is so our service can help as many moms in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas. We offer different packages that suit your need.

Reliable Customer Service: Our company cares about you more than ever. We always keep your best interests in mind, so you can always be sure that we will arrive as scheduled and be accommodating to your needs. Our therapist guarantees hassle-free experience because our goal is to provide relief.

Who Needs Post Natal Massage?

Postnatal massage is especially needed by moms experiencing certain conditions. These include back pain, headaches and migraines due to stress, leg cramps, spasm, muscle tension and bloating. Our massage techniques can help relieve aches and pains associated with childbirth.

Post Natal Massage Benefits

Postnatal massage offers numerous benefits that are summarized as follows:

Relaxation: The stress related to pregnancy does not end after delivery. Moms face more responsibilities that can be overwhelming. Postpartum massage can relax muscles, improve circulation and reduce stress. These are based on studies and moms themselves attest to how relieving massage feels after every session.

Pain Relief: It is common for new moms to feel body aches after giving birth and because of the physical demands of breastfeeding and childcare. Massage can relieve pain, tingling and numbness. After a few sessions, massage can even treat chronic pain when carried out by a skilled therapist.

Hormone Regulation: Some studies showed that massage can improve hormonal balance. It can reduce production of stress hormone cortisol, and aid in the production of oxytocin and prolactin for lactation.

Decreased Swelling: A few sessions of massage can increase circulation and boost the elimination of excess fluids. Stimulated tissue helps the body to move water to the correct areas of the body.

Improved Breastfeeding: Our therapy can relax the body and improve circulation that leads to increased stimulation of lactation hormone called prolactin.

Frequently Asked Questions about Post Natal Massage in KL,Malaysia

Is the postnatal massage performed by a certified therapist?

Yes, we only hire therapists who are trained and certified to conduct postnatal massage for new moms.

When is it safe for me to have a postnatal massage if I had a caesarean delivery?

The best time is when you feel you are ready and comfortable with it. We recommend 3 weeks after the delivery but our therapist knows the safe techniques and positioning considering your maternal condition.

Can I choose only female therapists for my massage?

We are happy to let you know that all our massage therapists are females, so this should not be a problem.

What do I need to prepare before the massage?

Please prepare your mattress and two large towels prior to the session so that we can follow the schedule.

Is there a recommended duration or minimum number of days for the massage sessions?

It is best to have the postnatal massage in succession, or a few consecutive days for you to get the full benefits of the therapy.