Prenatal Message Malaysia

Pregnancy or prenatal massage is a healthy choice for prenatal care. It reduces stress and helps improve overall wellness of expectant moms. Pregnancy can be physically demanding, and our prenatal massage at Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya can relieve common discomforts at this stage of motherhood.

Home Prenatal or Pregnancy Massage for Every Tired Mother

Prenatal massage is very helpful in relieving bodily discomforts common during pregnancy. Our trained therapist at MyConfinementCentre can visit your home to perform the massage upon your request. We will take care of you for the entire session or series of sessions to make you comfortable. We know the proper positioning and support to prevent strain on the pelvic and back areas. Our massage techniques are just right, and we modify it according to the stage of pregnancy.

Process of Prenatal Massage

Step 1: Like the usual massage, the therapist will warm the body up to prevent any injury for the body is being prepared through calming and relaxation.

Step 2: Second step is removing water retention particularly on the thighs, legs and calves. This also helps prevent leg cramps.

Step 3: Third step will be the actual full body massage, focusing on the parts that have the most tension and pain.

Step 4: Last step will be the most soothing one for it focuses on relaxing the mind and body. Light massages on the head, arms, neck and shoulders are performed.

Who Needs Pregnancy Massage?

Prenatal massage is generally safe after the first trimester. Studies even show that it can reduce anxiety and lessen symptoms of depression apart from relieving aches. Therefore, it is especially helpful for pregnant women who are more prone to stress probably with the nature of their work or their personality. It is also ideal for moms who experience swelling of joints for massage can stimulate soft tissues and decrease fluid collection in joints. Those who have nerve pains can also benefit from prenatal massage. If you often experience leg cramps, headache and back pain, massage is also recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions about Prenatal Massage in Malaysia

Is pregnancy massage safe for everyone?

MyConfinementCentre recommends prenatal massage for mothers after the first trimester of their pregnancy. It is generally safe for every healthy pregnant woman. However, we do not advise it to those who have medical conditions such as high blood pressure, geriatric pregnancy and elderly multigravida. We also do not recommend it to those who have high-risk pregnancy.

Do I need to book confinement lady service as well to take advantage of the massage promo?

No, you can benefit from our prenatal massage at Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya promotion without availing our confinement lady service. Stay updated or feel free to contact us for you to know about our promotions.

Is the massage performed by trained and certified therapists?

Yes, we pride ourselves on having trained and certified therapists to perform the prenatal massage. They are specifically trained to provide massage for pregnant women or new moms to address their concerns.

When is the best time to start a prenatal massage?

The best time to have prenatal massage is after the first trimester until the eighth month of pregnancy. What are the things to prepare before massage session?

We encourage preparing the things to be used prior to the massage proper in order to avoid paying extra charge for towels. Prepare your mattress and two big towels. Take a bath before the massage.

How early should I book the prenatal massage session?

 It is best to book in advance, preferably a week prior to your preferred date. We accept 3 days advanced booking if a therapist is available.